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Personal care

Customisable Dispenser Cover | TissUp

Customisable: Fully customisable with your own design or logo. Durability: high quality materials make it strong and durable. Versatility: easy to fit, practical and efficient option for any sector. *Our team will contact you for customisation once the purchase has been made.


Explore innovation in product distribution with our wide range of dispensers designed to meet the specific needs of commercial, industrial, and high-traffic environments. From wick paper dispensers to specialized systems for rolls, we present solutions that redefine efficiency and convenience with each use.

Wick Paper Dispenser

Our wick paper dispenser has been meticulously designed to redefine the drying experience. Ideal for environments requiring exceptional absorption, this dispenser ensures efficiency and comfort with each use, ensuring optimal use of each wick paper sheet.

Zigzag Dispenser

Experience speed and organization with our zigzag dispenser. Perfect for high-traffic environments, this system provides fast and efficient distribution of zigzag paper towels, ensuring an uninterrupted experience and maintaining hygiene in any situation.

Hand Towel Dispenser

Designed to offer comfort and practicality, our hand towel dispenser features a system that facilitates access and controls the amount of dispensed paper. This device ensures a hassle-free drying experience, contributing to maintaining a hygienic and organized environment.

Tripod Industrial Roll Dispenser

The tripod industrial roll dispenser not only offers exceptional stability but also durable resistance. Its tripod design ensures a solid base, while its ability to handle industrial rolls makes it the ideal choice for high-performance environments where stability and efficiency are crucial.

Wall-Mounted Industrial Dispenser

Maximize space savings without compromising functionality with our wall-mounted industrial dispenser. Mounted on the wall, this dispenser provides convenient access to paper towels or rolls, improving distribution efficiency and maintaining an organized environment, ideal for spaces where organization is essential. Discover the versatility and quality offered by our dispensers, enhancing the experience of managing paper products in your business.