Anti-drip Stretcher Paper Roll
Anti-drip Stretcher Paper Roll
Anti-drip Stretcher Paper Roll
Anti-drip Stretcher Paper Roll
Anti-drip Stretcher Paper Roll
Anti-drip Stretcher Paper Roll
Anti-drip Stretcher Paper Roll
Anti-drip Stretcher Paper Roll

Anti-drip Stretcher Paper Roll

  • Length: ± 65 m
  • Width: 60 cm
  • Texture: Goffering
  • Pre-cut: No

¿Con Precorte o Sin Precorte?
  • Con Precorte cada 40 cm
  • Azul
Tax included
Rollo Papel Camilla Crepado Liso
Rollo Papel Camilla Parafinado
Rollo Papel Camilla Ecológico
Rollo Papel Camilla Reciclado
Rollo Papel Camilla Antigoteo
Rollo Papel Camilla Fiselina Termosellado
Rollo Papel Camilla Doble Capa Gofrada
Rollo Papel Camilla Satinado


Why should stretcher paper be used?

Stretchers are an indispensable element in any centre where support is required to carry out treatments such as in beauty centres, massage clinics, tattoo studios or centres where medical consultations are carried out.

However, most stretchers are lined with leather or synthetic leather, which prevents the absorption of liquids.

It must be taken into account that if each patient lies down without first putting the stretcher paper on, the friction of the stretcher material against the skin of the body would cause a great deal of sweating, leaving the stretcher damp, which would cause a very unpleasant and uncomfortable sensation in our clients.

Covering the surface with a roll of stretcher paper creates a protective layer that prevents the body from being in direct contact with the stretcher, thus maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, as well as protecting the stretcher from any product used during the session.

What is stretcher paper?

Our stretcher paper rolls respect the quality commitment to the environment, as they are a biodegradable type of stretcher paper. Thanks to the delicacy with which we have chosen the materials that compose it and the efficiency of the production processes, we have managed to obtain rolls of stretcher paper of high quality, durability and resistance. Moreover, it is characterised by its high softness, which is ideal for every type of skin, even for the most sensitive ones.

Which is the best stretcher paper roll?

Stretcher paper is perfect to ensure good hygiene and cleanliness of your centre. Its shape adapts to any stretcher and its roll holder. Discover our wide variety, as well as the different colours, weights, textures, etc. and choose the one that best suits your needs. 


  • It is intended for clinics, beauty salons, medical practices, tattoo parlours, massage and spa centres.
  • Suitable for roll holders of any stretcher.
  • Offers great comfort for your customer as it does not stick to their skin.
  • We have a wide variety of colours to meet all your needs.
  • Excellent choice for conductive gel treatments, such as laser, cavitation... 
  • Very strong and resistant, does not break with the gel.
  • Does not stick to the client's skin when moving.
  • Paper colour and weight may vary from batch to batch.
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